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We have hundreds of training videos and ELearning courses to choose from, on topics ranging from management skills, to HIPAA compliance

Featured Training Video

Set and Achieve Goals

Price: $275

Interweaving dry humor with serious learning points to engage today's audience, Set and Achieve Goals teaches viewers how Goals must be specific, measureable and achievable (SMART goals).. It's available on DVD or Online.

Smart goals are Specific and Measureable
Smart goals are Achievable, and Relevant.
Smart goals are Time Bound.

Featured Content Library

Limited Time for  $2,499


For a limited time, we are offering a 17-title training video library for $2499 on DVD, or 1-year unlimited STREAMING use. The Streaming license includes MP4 and SCORM 1.2 files.

The series includes 17 videos on: FLSA, Preventing Workplace Bullying, Hostile Environments, Harassment Prevention for Managers, FMLA, EEO, Legal Interviewing, Insider Trading, HIPAA Privacy Compliance, ADA, E-Mail, Texting, Social Media, Ethics, and The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Compliance Training Videos


Learning Management System (LMS) Solutions

A Learning Management System is technology to track and deliver employee training within an organization.   Our LMS options include: content for your LMS, the use of our LMS, and custom LMS solutions. Click the elements below for more information.

...we can provide you with content: ELearning and / or training videos. Since, in this scenario, you are hosting your own learning content, all you pay is the cost of the training program(s) you select.

Employee University offers an LMS through our servers. The cost of our LMS is a one-time setup fee of $250; plus the cost of the training program(s) you select from our site. Orders for our LMS are only available after a consultation / conversation via phone, email, or chat.

It should also be noted that many of our training videos and ELearning offer the use of our LMS at no cost/no setup fee. Options vary product to product.

Contact us and let us know what your needs are, and we can code a custom, private label version of our Learning Management System to your specifications.

For example, a very large government agency recently paid for an entirely new login experience. They were switching to our LMS from another vendor, and wanted to reduce the amount of "change" thier users  (learners) experienced. So we changed our user-authentication process to be exactly the way it was on their former Learning Management System.

Contact us today for a free demo of our LMS.