Training videos that have been released within the last year.

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Harassment Hurts: It's Personal II

This best-selling harassment program has been updated and expanded. And now includes a 10 minute program for supervisors and managers.

Winning Presentations

Observe two professionals being coached through the process of designing a message, arranging the content, and delivering the Winning Presentation.

Legal Briefs: FMLA - The Family & Medical Leave Act

Trying to decipher the ins and outs of the FMLA can be a challenge. This program will give you a better understanding of the Family Medical Leave Act.

Legal E-Mail and Text Messaging at Work

The program starts with the simple facts of email - that its permanent and Not private - then moves on to educate the viewer on what should never be sent via email and the repercussions of sending inappropriate email.

HIPAA Privacy Compliance: It's the Law

A simple way to give your employees what they need to know to stay in compliance.

Let's Talk. Respect. It Matters

The advantage of this program is the way that it equates respect in the workplace with professionalism, in an easy-to-understand way.

Let's Talk. Bullying, Abusive Conduct, and Their Consequences

Bullying can occur in any organization, and the program addresses the topic in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. It can be used on its own or to fine-tune other, more general, harassment and respectful workplace programs.

The NEW Balance Sheet Barrier

A new take on a famous classic. Starring John Cleese and Dawn French, the latest release of The Balance Sheet Barrier will take the fear out of financial documents. Help your managers grasp the basics of business finance.

Village of 100 4th Edition

If we shrunk the earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people, what that village would be like? Now in this 4th revision, the dramatic figures in this video make the need for both tolerance and understanding glaringly apparent.

Wage and Hour Compliance Made Simple

Wage and Hour Compliance (FLSA) Made Simple. This updated video details the Fair Labor Standards Act - the law regulates minimum wage, overtime, equal pay, child labor and record keeping.

Diversity 101

Topics covered in this new series include: unconscious (hidden) bias, cultural competence, diversity moments, gender & gender identity, rumors & gossip, joking and i

Conducting Extraordinary Performance Appraisals

The extraordinary performance appraisal is not born out of a single meeting. Rather, it's a continuous year round process.

Conducting Legal Performance Appraisals

This program offers managers a series of sound, practical guidelines managers can develop a file of legally defensible documentation that will help them prevail in court and greatly reduce their chances of facing legal scrutiny.

It's STILL Not Just About Sex Anymore

Now - more than ever - employees must understand that there's far more to workplace harassment and discrimination than just sex. Is your organization prepared for this changing world?

Workplace Violence Prevention Made Simple

Workplace Violence Prevention Made Simple covers workplace violence prevention in the workplace in a clear, concise manner that simplifies this complex and difficult subject.

Workplace Violence Prevention Made Simple for Managers

This workplace violence prevention program made specifically for managers and supervisors details the critical role leaders play in violence prevention.

Patient Rights Made Simple

Patient Rights Made Simple details this list of rights which are used for accreditation by the Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation and are required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

ADA Made Simple

Modeled after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the ADA is the “equal opportunity” law for people with disabilities. This training video covers: The definition of a disability, accommodations, interviewing, and termination.