For Presenters, Speakers, and Trainers

Training programs specifically for the individual giving presentations, or facilitating training; training videos that help you conquer the fear of public speaking. We also have libraries of video clips you can use to jazz up your presentation.

Select a video from the list below to see pricing and licensing options. We offer flexible delivery of all of our Effective Presentation Skills Training. All training videos are available on DVD (with trainer and learning materials), on video file for your LMS, or streaming online.

Change & Innovation through Brainstorming

Unlock the potential of your next meeting. This program will increase your team's ability to generate new ideas in a creatively safe and more productive team environment.

The NEW Meetings Bloody Meetings

In this remake of the best selling video Meetings Bloody Meetings, John Cleese returns in the classic role of the Judge and demonstrates how the rules for running a meeting parallel those of a court.

Winning Presentations

Observe two professionals being coached through the process of designing a message, arranging the content, and delivering the Winning Presentation.

Basic Facilitation

Instead of running meetings that meander and fail to interest participants, your facilitators will create effective group interactions that inspire and motivate employees to achieve individual and corporate goals.

I Wasn't Prepared For That

Overcoming the fear of making presentations.