Customer Service Skills Essentials

Motivational Customer Service Training video programs focused on improving customer service skills and customer service quality; training videos and Elearning for customer service management, and creating a customer service culture; company culture examples.

Select a video from the list below to see pricing and licensing options. We offer flexible delivery of all of our Motivational Customer Service Training Programs. All training videos are available on DVD (with trainer and learning materials), on video file for your LMS, or streaming online.

Give Em The Pickle!

Give em the Pickle is one of the best selling customer service training videos of all time. Your business is not what you sell, it's who you serve. Viewers will learn what it takes to foster and maintain customer loyalty.

The Guest

The fortunes of any business rise and fall based upon the level of service it delivers to its customers. No matter how large or complex an organization may be, great service usually comes down to one employee, serving one guest, one day at a time.

The Guest Video (Original Version)

Customers will return to a company where they are made to feel welcome.

You've Got Customers

A great customer service video. Delivering exceptional customer service requires action; meeting customer needs, knowing your product or service, following through and solving problems.

We're in the Band

This entertaining and motivational training video on DVD puts the lessons of an up-and-coming rock band to the test in the business world.

It's Your Call

Truly great customer service professionals know that to deliver customer service, you have to choose to be Connected, Attentive, Responsible, and Enthusiastic. Viewers of this video will learn to make the choice to C.A.R.E.

Right Words at the Right Time - Customer Service Recovery for Hospitality

Hospitality employees will learn how to use the Right Words to: send the 3 Signals, "I Care", "I Understand", "You can Trust me to take care of this"; stay polite and professional when the customer is rude or clueless, and when you can't say, "Yes".

Beyond Customer Service: Gracious Hospitality the Biltmore Way

An insider's guide to a guest-centric team: a team focused on the guests' experience and your organization's reputation for excellence in customer service.