Internal Customer Service

Create an internal customer service culture. When employees see employees from other units or departments, as internal customers, it can be transformational to company culture; to morale and productivity. Our internal customer service training videos teach employees the importance of serving internal customers with the same consideration as they would an external customer; accountability; internal consulting, and meeting ettiquette.

Select a video from the list below to see pricing and licensing options. We offer flexible delivery of all of our Training Videos on How to Improve your Internal Customer Service. All training videos are available on DVD (with trainer and learning materials), on video file for your LMS, or streaming online.

The NEW Meetings Bloody Meetings

In this remake of the best selling video Meetings Bloody Meetings, John Cleese returns in the classic role of the Judge and demonstrates how the rules for running a meeting parallel those of a court.

Who Sold You This, Then?

A customer favorite featuring Hugh Laurie. Do you worry about your after-sales, service, technical, and installation staff making negative comments about other departments? Or making themselves look better by making the company look bad?

Inside Information

Inside Information shows how to develop more effective working relationships with colleagues and other departments.

But I Don't Have Customers

The characters in this outstanding training video are set in an Information Technology department but the training points are applicable to any team looking to raise internal customer service awareness.

Delegation: Talk Isn't Cheap

Practical lessons for all of us on workplace communication and beyond; whether you are the one delegating a task, or the person receiving instructions, this video will improve your communication and listening skills.