Healthcare Customer Service and Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare Customer Service Training Videos; training videos that teach patient satisfaction skills, and medical office customer service.

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Customer Service: Natural As Child's Play

We all know healthcare professionals are busy now more than ever. But being warm, friendly and helpful doesn't always mean you can't also get your work done.

Cultural Competency: Just Good Healthcare

Healthcare providers who are sensitive to the cultural and religious beliefs of the communities they serve, provide patient-centered care. It's considered cultural competency and it's a regulation in hospitals around the country.

It's a Dogs World - 2nd Edition

When it comes to reaching a healthcare audience and making trainees receptive to learning, there is no better option than It's a Dog's World; now in a fully revised 2nd edition.

Is Good Enough?

The concept of "good enough" is at the heart of all mediocrity. It can be a creeping influence in the workplace as well.

Patient Rights Made Simple

Patient Rights Made Simple details this list of rights which are used for accreditation by the Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation and are required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Right Words Right Time - Customer Service Recovery For Healthcare

Healthcare staff will learn how to use the Right Words to: send the 3 Signals, "I Care", "I Understand", "You can Trust me to take care of this"; stay polite and professional when the customer is rude or clueless, and when you can't say, "Yes".

Service Excellence: A Time To Care

Covers, telephone etiquette, importance of patient privacy and confidentiality, patient interaction, and patient perception / follow-up.

Disruptive Behavior: Too Great a Cost

Bad attitudes interfere with care of patients and medical facility operations. This video tactfully address behaviors ranging from intimidation and bullying by physicians, to co-workers criticizing each other in front of patients or other staff.

What Do You See?

What Do You See? Illustrates the need for more compassion from caregivers. This influential and moving program is critical for every healthcare organization.

How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 Seconds

Whether you are an employee, a manager or the boss, your success depends on how well you connect with other people. No one teaches this skill better than Nicholas Boothman."-Bob Nelson, author of Managing for Dummies