Dewitt Jones

Inspirational videos featuring National Geogrpahic photographer, Dewitt Jones; including Celebrate What's Right With the World.

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Everyday Creativity

Everyday Creativity teaches a surprising truth about creativity -- that it's not a magical, mysterious occurrence.

Focus Your Vision

How can we find our direction, our purpose?

For the Love of It by Dewitt Jones

How can you find a way to love what you do? Every day? Join Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer in For The Love of It as he shares with audiences the importance of beginning each day with a full cup.

Celebrate! Change Your Lens, Change Your Life

Shot on the beautiful island of Molokai, Hawaii, this video highlights Dewitt Jone's unique perspective and amazing photography. It is a timeless message that carries well beyond the confines of work into every aspect of our lives.

Celebrate Whats Right With the World

If I was going to take it higher, I had to spend time with not just what I do but with who I am. That edge in each of our lives we have to press between success and significance; being the best in the world and being the best for the world. Dewitt Jones

Juice - by Dewitt Jones

A motivational meeting opener; this beautiful and sincere program encourages viewers to find their passion and joy in all that they do. Only $295. Features Dewitt Jones.

More Than One Right Answer

Dewitt Jones, reminds us that it's usually easy to find one right answer. The challenge; however, lies in finding new answers and angles.