Coach Lou Holtz

Training videos by coach Lou Holtz, including the best selling, classic leadership videos, Do Right, Do Right II, If Enough People Care, and Do Right, the Plan.

Lou Holtz' message transcends athletics. It resonates - even to those who aren't sports-minded.

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If Enough People Care - Lou Holtz

In this motivational program, Lou Holtz shares his three play-like-a-champion rules: Do It Right, Do Your Best, and Care About Others.

Lou Holtz Video Series

ALL FOUR LOU HOLTZ VIDEOS: Do Right!, Do Right! II, If Enough People Care, and the latest release: Do Right III : The Plan, on DVD or VHS; 118 total minutes of content, for $2095.00

Do Right - Lou Holtz

Do Right, By Lou Holtz. In this first Do Right program he forcefully expresses his philosophy, along with illustrations from Notre Dame football.

Do Right II - Lou Holtz

Do Right II. Renew pride and dedication in your organization, from top executives to your newest employees. Lou Holtz shares an exciting message that includes action footage to focus on teamwork and leadership skills.

Do Right III : The Plan - Lou Holtz

Do Right : The Plan, by Lou Holtz. Through trial and error, victory and defeat, every success begins with two things: a vision and a plan. A vision gives us the direction necessary to achieve our goals.