Motivational Speakers

Inspirational and motivational videos featuring popular speakers, such as Benjamin Zander, Lou Holtz, Dewitt Jones, and Joel Barker.

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Leadership: The Art of Possibility - Ben Zander

"When you are conducting an orchestra it does not work to have just some of the players involved. A great performance arises out of everyone's passion." B. Zander, Leadership: Art of Possibility.

Celebrate Whats Right With the World

If I was going to take it higher, I had to spend time with not just what I do but with who I am. That edge in each of our lives we have to press between success and significance; being the best in the world and being the best for the world. Dewitt Jones

Everyday Creativity

Everyday Creativity teaches a surprising truth about creativity -- that it's not a magical, mysterious occurrence.

If Enough People Care - Lou Holtz

In this motivational program, Lou Holtz shares his three play-like-a-champion rules: Do It Right, Do Your Best, and Care About Others.

Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna? With Sam Glenn

Businesses across the world are embracing and personalizing Sam's lizard concept and are watching results soar! You can't afford to miss this wave! The Lizard is a philosophy that can be used to motivate and inspire every employee.

When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail

Sam Glenn uses funny anecdotal stories and a simple formula to help you and your associates deal with change. As you watch the program, you'll develop tools for overcoming changes, challenges, the unexpected, and negative people.

Do Right - Lou Holtz

Do Right, By Lou Holtz. In this first Do Right program he forcefully expresses his philosophy, along with illustrations from Notre Dame football.

NEW Business of Paradigms 2nd Edition

Joel Barkers, New Business of Paradigms 2nd Edition, is a fast moving, visually stunning program that will engage the viewer while helping them develop the skills needed to anticipate, understand, and take advantage of change.

Coach K on SUCCESS - Coach Krzyzewski

Duke and Olympic Basketball Coach Mike (K) Krzyzewski illustrates the power of words and values: Integrity, Respect, Imagination, Dependability, Work, Personal Responsibility Standards, Selflessness and more.

Do Right II - Lou Holtz

Do Right II. Renew pride and dedication in your organization, from top executives to your newest employees. Lou Holtz shares an exciting message that includes action footage to focus on teamwork and leadership skills.

Do Right III : The Plan - Lou Holtz

Do Right : The Plan, by Lou Holtz. Through trial and error, victory and defeat, every success begins with two things: a vision and a plan. A vision gives us the direction necessary to achieve our goals.