Hiring and Interviewing Skills

Base your hiring on than more than a gut feeling with training programs on legal and effective interviewing, hiring, and selection.

Select a video from the list below to see pricing and licensing options. We offer flexible delivery of all of our Interviewing and Hiring Skills. All training videos are available on DVD (with trainer and learning materials), on video file for your LMS, or streaming online.

Asking the Right Questions - Legal Interviewing

It's critical that employees involved in the hiring process understand laws related to legal interviewing. This video covers every aspect of the topic and will help interviewers avoid the legal landmines that could put your organization in jeopardy.

EEO Made Simple

This training video program on equal employment opportunity provides a thorough overview of the U.S. employment laws on discrimination.

Beyond Words: Hiring & Interviewing - Part 1

How to read body language that might reveal discrepancies between an applicant's answer to a question and the body language they use when they are giving you the answer. Focuses on negative nonverbal / body language cues.

More Than a Gut Feeling - IV

Make hiring decisions based on facts and information, not on a gut feeling, with the NEW edition of the best-selling training behavioral interviewing video: MORE THAN A GUT FEELING; same script premise its predecessors; but updated;newer setting & actors.

Can I Ask That? Legal Interviewing - the TAKEAWAY for Managers

This training video covers: questions not to ask and why, how to frame your questions, respecting people's privacy, and providing reasonable accommodation.

Avoiding Litigation Landmines

A Best Seller: Covers Failure to Document, Inappropriate e-mail, Failure to Train, Inconsistent Treatment, Failure to Keep Evidence, Loose Lips, Performance Rating Inflation, Inappropriate Letter of Reference, and Failure to Talk to HR.