Compliance Training Library

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Wage and Hour Compliance Made Simple

Wage and Hour Compliance (FLSA) Made Simple. This updated video details the Fair Labor Standards Act - the law regulates minimum wage, overtime, equal pay, child labor and record keeping.

EEO Made Simple

This training video program on equal employment opportunity provides a thorough overview of the U.S. employment laws on discrimination.

Asking the Right Questions - Legal Interviewing

It's critical that employees involved in the hiring process understand laws related to legal interviewing. This video covers every aspect of the topic and will help interviewers avoid the legal landmines that could put your organization in jeopardy.

The FMLA: Everything You Need to Know

This training video covers every aspect of the FMLA, including updates on same-sex marriage that occurred early in 2015.

Legal E-Mail and Text Messaging at Work

The program starts with the simple facts of email - that its permanent and Not private - then moves on to educate the viewer on what should never be sent via email and the repercussions of sending inappropriate email.

Legal Social Media at Work

Protect your organization from legal, reputation and security issues involving Social Media. Includes bonus content for managers.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Following the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act law is not only a business imperative from a legal perspective, it is also the right thing to do for the prosperity of our country and world.

Patient Rights Made Simple

Patient Rights Made Simple details this list of rights which are used for accreditation by the Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation and are required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Harassment Prevention Made Simple

Harassment Prevention Made Simple gives it to you straight; it's a no-nonsense, message about workplace harassment and the things that create hostile work environments.

Harassment Prevention Made Simple for Managers

Harassment Made Simple for Managers is a short but comprehensive harassment prevention video that covers every aspect of this important legal topic for managers in just 11 minutes.

ADA Made Simple

Modeled after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the ADA is the “equal opportunity” law for people with disabilities. This training video covers: The definition of a disability, accommodations, interviewing, and termination.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple

Sexual Harassment Made Simple is a short but comprehensive sexual harassment prevention video that covers every aspect of the important legal topic in just 6 minutes.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple For Managers

This sexual harassment training video FOR MANAGERS defines exactly what sexual harassment is in layman's terms, then gives managers the instruction they need to prevent and handle harassment situations when they occur.

Insider Trading: It's Not Worth the Risk

This educational video on illegal Insider Trading prevention delivers a power message on this common but often misunderstood crime.

Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple

Bullying Prevention for the Workplace - A simple, short but comprehensive, workplace bullying prevention video that covers every aspect of the important topic in just a few minutes.

Workplace Violence Prevention Made Simple

Workplace Violence Prevention Made Simple covers workplace violence prevention in the workplace in a clear, concise manner that simplifies this complex and difficult subject.

Workplace Violence Prevention Made Simple for Managers

This workplace violence prevention program made specifically for managers and supervisors details the critical role leaders play in violence prevention.

HIPAA Privacy Compliance: It's the Law

A simple way to give your employees what they need to know to stay in compliance.