Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

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Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 is a Coaching Employees training video; available for purchase on DVD or online / streaming video.

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Video:   Lou Holtz Video Combo #1
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Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

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Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

DVD | Employee Training Kit

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Training Video on DVD  |  Includes Faciliatator Materials

Even with the growing popularity of our streaming video options, training videos on DVD are still the format of choice for trainers and instructors.

DVD Purchase Includes:

Purchase of the Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 training video on DVD includes:  Do Right I and If Enough People Care, for $995

One DVD Training Video Kit:    $995

  • To purchase multiple copies of Lou Holtz Video Combo #1, see Quantity Pricing below.
  • You can save money by ordering Lou Holtz Video Combo #1, together with other videos, click the DVD Bundle Offer tab above (under the video preview section) for details.
DVD Quantity Pricing

Because the Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 DVD license does not allow customers to make copies of the DVD; we offer the following volume discounts off the list price of $995.

Volume Pricing For the this training video on DVD

For larger quantities of the Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 Training DVD Kit, please call (888) 520-2444 for a quote.

  • Special pricing/licensing is also available for GOVERNMENT, EDUCATIONAL (K-12, Colleges, and Universities), and NON-PROFIT organizations; click the respective Discount tab above (under the video preview section) more information.
  • Other training videos can be included to achieve the quantities that reach quantity discount levels. Click the DVD Bundle Offer tab above (under the video preview section) for details.
  • The license and copyright of a DVD Kit is for SINGLE MONITOR use only; purchasers may display the video to one monitor/screen at a time - for an unlimited number of uses and participants.

    If you are interested in securing additional rights, such as streaming to multiple monitors/desktops, click one of the Streaming tabs above (under the video preview section) more information.
Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Video Description | About

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Topic:  Coaching Employees

Do Right I and If Enough People Care, for $995

Save $295 when you purchase Do Right I and If Enough People Care together:  Only $995.00.

For information on each title, click on the links below:

Do Right

If Enough People Care

Lou Holtz Do Right   Lou Holtz If Enough People Care

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How to Order

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

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Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

DVD Rental Not Available

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Option Not Available  |  DVD Rental Option Not Available

We apologize, but Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 does not have a DVD rental option.

Please see the other format/licensing options on this page for an alternative purchasing solution.

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Streaming | Individual Views

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Streaming Video  |  Individual Views

Deliver this training video directly to your employee's desktop. Give your employees the flexibility to watch this training video right from their desk, at their own pace, and when it's convenient for them.

When you purchase a pay per view license for this training video, you'll have one of the most flexible licenses available for training media. You have the option to stream the video in it's entirety to an individual learner, or to a classroom for a group session. In either scenario, one group view or one individual view equally count as one view as it relates to the number of views you purchase. You may also choose to present/play only a certain segment or scene.

In addition to streaming the full video, you may also copy a link to insert into your own presentation tool (PowerPoint, BlackBoard, etc.). Or, you can download the media file to play on your PC. You have choices!

Online Training Video Streaming Prices

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Streaming | Group Sessions

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Streaming Video  |  Group Intranet Licenses

Streaming video options are becoming more and more popular for individual training; with that, it's also growing in popularity for trainers to want to show a streaming video to a group; much the same way they would play a DVD training video to a group.

Please contact us for a streaming quote for your group session:

Call Toll Free:    (888) 520-2444

E-mail:   orders14@employeeuniversity.com

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Extras | Supplemental

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Extras  |  Supplemental

If you need something for your Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 training, and it's not listed below, contact us, and we'll take care of your request via phone.

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 Participant Handbooks:

Participant Handbooks provide a summary of the video's key training points, in booklet form. The cover art is typically the same cover art as the Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 DVD case/sleeve.

Handbooks must be purchased in packs of 10. When ordering, enter the number of packs you would like to purchase. For example, if you would like to order 50 handbooks, enter "5" in the quantity field.

Quantity of 10-Packs      
Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

DVD Discounts

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Training Video on DVD  |  Includes Facilitator Materials

We offer the following discounts to qualifying government agencies, educational institutions (K-12, Colleges, and Universities), and non-profit organizations.

List / Standard DVD Price (Before Discounts):    $995

DVD Discounts

Discounts cannot be combined with other video discounts or specials.

DVD Training Video Kits Include:

Purchase of the Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 training video on DVD includes:  Do Right I and If Enough People Care, for $995

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Specials | Bundle Pricing

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1

Special DVD Pricing  |  Monthly Offers

If you like Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 and need to purchase more videos, our Bundle Discounts are the best way to save money.

Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 DVD Training Kit can be purchased along with a select list of other DVDs in order to take advantage of special training video bundle offers that change throughout the year.

Employee University Custom Training Videos

Employee University

Custom Video Production

Custom Training Videos  |  Full Service Production Services

If Lou Holtz Video Combo #1 is not hitting all the points you need it to; and no other videos are meeting your requirements - let us produce the perfect video for your training objectives.

The cost of a custom training video will run approximately $1000 per finished minute; so a 20 minute vide will be approximately $20,000.

We've produced custom training videos for some of the largest companies (biggest budgets).  And we've also created custom training videos for very small businesses; with small budgets  - both walk away happy.

We say that to say this:  While $1000 per minute is a good number to begin a conversation with - there are ways to shave costs to fit your budget and there are also things you may have in mind that would double that estimate; so give us a call and let's work together to make sure you have the perfect media to fit your budget.

From script to screen - we'll take good take of you.

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