Diversity: Face to Face

Diversity: Face to Face Training Video

Diversity: Face to Face is an innovative and unique training program that explores four main aspects of diversity in the workplace: stereotypes, similarities, unity and benefits.

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Diversity: Face to Face

Diversity: Face to Face is an innovative and unique training program that explores four main aspects of diversity in the workplace: stereotypes, similarities, unity and benefits; by listening to the stories and thoughts of characters who actually live and work in a diverse world. Through their eyes, we learn why diversity is so important, and are given the definitions and tools to understand more deeply our own roles in diverse workplaces, from smaller organizations to larger corporations.

Everyone plays an important part in the complex mosaic that is our diverse world.

Key Learning Points Include:

  • Stereotypes: Fully understand what stereotypes are and are not. Learn how stereotypes affect others and ourselves.
  • Learn how to recognize them and stop negative behavior.
  • Similarities: What we have in common is often what brings us together. Learn how to search for what we share rather than focus on what we disagree on.
  • Unity: Becoming a member of the team is important. Unity is an important goal for any organization. Learn how to "come together" instead of excluding ourselves and others.

Benefits: Explore the benefits and rewards of a diverse organization in ways you may have never considered! The world has changed, and because of the global marketplace, diversity is even more important than ever.


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