Harassment: The Real Scene

Harassment: The Real Scene Training Video

A knowledgeable host introduces realistic scenarios of harassment situations which help viewers understand the widespread problem and how they can proactively avoid harassing behaviors.

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Harassment: The Real Scene

Harassment: The Real Scene, provides an assortment of realistic scenarios depicting the various forms of harassment that occur in the workplace. Using footage from a wide variety of award-winning programs, an engaging host leads the viewer through the scenes and shares his practical insights and cautionary advice. Sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant, participants are provided with clear examples of the potential pitfalls and harassing behaviors to avoid.

This program has been designed to give the facilitator maximum flexibility in choosing the most appropriate and effective scenarios for their organizations. These real-life scenes create understanding on both an emotional and intellectual level. In one scene an Indian woman is scorned for her accent and in another a young man is mocked for his mental disorder. The numerous examples allow the viewer to observe the behaviors and gain some perspective of the pain and discomfort it causes.

Harassment: The Real Scene will raise awareness and leave no doubt in the minds of employees about the importance of avoiding harassing behaviors in the workplace.

Your organization will be better prepared to ensure a comfortable, productive environment and avoid the potential of costly lawsuits.

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