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Purpose: To ensure people learn how to handle complaints and help prevent them from recurring in the future.

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Research shows that one in ten transactions ends in a complaint, yet these same complaints happen again and again. No complaints? tackles the link between customer satisfaction and quality, and provides viewers with five steps to solving the customer's problem.

Set within a retail outlet, front-line staff are facing complaints from internal and external customers. The existing solution is a complaints form, but a member of staff soon realizes that customers need to let off steam, not fill in forms. Staff learn that they must take complaints seriously and show sympathy, since it is difficult to remain angry with someone who is sympathetic.

The video shows a number of common mistakes. One staff member handles a complaint, but realizes he must ask questions if he is to be capable of solving a problem. And when an accounts clerk comes up with an innovative solution for one of her supplier's payment problems, she agrees a course of action but fails to check that it can be carried out.

The conclusion is that all staff, whether in the front line or not, should be aware of how to deal with the emotions and practicalities or dealing with complaints.

There are two ways to use this TRAINING VIDEO in your business:

As a Group - You can watch the video together, with your staff, and use the provided discussion guide to learn as a group.

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