The Guest Video (Original Version)

The Guest Video (Original Version) Training Video

Customers will return to a company where they are made to feel welcome.

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The Guest Video (Original Version)

Great customer service determines our fate. Whether a company succeeds or fails depends on its level of customer service. Customers will return to a company where they are made to feel welcome. On the other hand, 68% of these same customers will not return with their business if they are treated poorly. No matter how large or complex the business is, it usually comes down to one employee serving one customer, one day at a time.

This video provides a basic introduction to customer service, stressing the importance of treating customers like guests. It features a hapless hero who takes viewers on a tour of his imagination to prove that everything we need to learn about great customer service, we already know. We all know how to take care of a guest in our home: we welcome them, take care of their needs, thank them for coming and invite them back. A customer in a business is exactly like a guest in the home. Providing top-notch customer service means treating each person who walks in the door like a GUEST.

The film serves as a discussion starter to not only open employee's minds to improving customer service, but also to group brainstorming for effective measures to implement.

This video will:

  • Introduce basic guidelines so that employees understand the vital importance of treating customers like guests.
  • Provide specific examples so that employees believe they already possess the skills necessary for providing top notch customer service.
  • Open lines of communication so that employees begin to feel personally empowered about implementing good customer service policies.

There are two ways to use this TRAINING VIDEO in your business:

As a Group - You can watch the video together, with your staff, and use the provided discussion guide to learn as a group.

Desktop / Individual - Let your employees learn on their own, from a mobile device, or from a desktop / laptop.


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