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A 50+ title "MADE SIMPLE" training video library; available on USB / FLASH DRIVE, DVD, or ONLINE / STREAMING. The Streaming license includes MP4 and SCORM 1.2 files.

The series includes videos on: FLSA, Preventing Workplace Bullying, Hostile Environments, Harassment Prevention for Managers, FMLA, EEO, Legal Interviewing, Insider Trading, HIPAA Privacy Compliance, ADA, E-Mail, Texting, Social Media, Ethics, and The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Compliance Training Videos

Employee University is a trainer's resource for motivational training Videos, on DVD, Flash/USB, and Online.

We offer employee training and development programs for corporate, soft skills and healthcare employee training; on topics such as customer service, leadership, management, and sexual harassment; HIPAA and patient satisfaction.

We release frequent new productions, and have classic videos by John Cleese, Ben Zander, and Eli Goldratt; including all time best sellers like Benjamin Zanders Leadership: Art of Possibility.