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We offer hundreds of training videos that can be streamed from our servers (or your LMS) to your employees; to desktops or mobile devices.
Individual Pay Per Learner licenses are available as well as group licenses for trainer-led sessions.

SCORM Compliant ELearning for Your LMS

Streaming Training Videos

ELearning for Soft Skills and Healthcare Training

ELearning can be hosted on your LMS, or we can host the ELearning, and your learners can access it via any desktop or mobile device.

Our ELearning features entertaining video to teach and illustrate learning points.

We can also put you in control of the learning experience for your employees; allowing you to customize quiz questions and answers.  For some courses, if you are the kind of person that likes to get under the hood of things, we can provide you with the flexibility to customize a course;  editing. rearranging, and deleting ELearning segments at will.

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