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Motivational Speakers

Inspirational and motivational videos featuring popular speakers, such as Benjamin Zander, Lou Holtz, Dewitt Jones, and Joel Barker.    

Training videos are available / deliverable via:
Streaming (Pay-Per Learner), DVD's with Facilitator Materials, Digital Videos on USB Flash drive, and E-Learning.

NEW Business of Paradigms  2nd Edition
NEW Business of Paradigms 2nd Edition
Joel Barkers, New Business of Paradigms 2nd Edition, is a fast moving, visually stunning program that will engage the viewer while helping them develop the skills needed to anticipate, understand, and take advantage of change.
Celebrate Whats Right With the World
Celebrate Whats Right With the World
We are ALL being primed to have a ferocious appetite for what's wrong with the world. We are being divided for profit - Let's teach people the importance of perspective and good-will. Our country and world needs it!

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